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N E W   effective May 1, 2023 

We are pleased to announce that the POWELL RIVER SPORT AND FITNESS SOCIETY has moved to a new platform for booking courts online.

To All Members and Non-Members:


Please take note of the phased approach we are using for the system launch:

FOR THE INITIAL PHASE, only existing members may access the system to book courts, sign up for member-only events, and update their profiles;

IN THE NEXT PHASE, public players (Guests) will be able to register their profiles and receive court booking privileges; online payment processing for public players will also be activated.

LOG IN INSTRUCTIONS: click on the following link (or copy and paste link into your address bar):

Once at the Log In page, 
enter your Log In Email (this will become your user ID) then click on the "Forgot Password" link.  The system will now email you a temporary password.
- Return to the Log In page and enter your email (as above) along with the temporary password you were provided with.  Log in and you will be at the Member Portal.

A few necessary tips for navigating the Member Portal:

1.  Change your temporary password to one you prefer. Go to the "Manage My Profile" tile and select the "View/Update My Profile" link to change your password.  Use this opportunity to update or add personal information.  Please be sure to review the Club Directory questions and elect to share your information as you wish. Remember to save any changes you made to your profile information.
2.  Use the Home Button at the top of the screen to get back to the Member Portal landing site.
3.  To book courts from the Member Portal - select the "Book Courts" link under the "Court Booking" tile. Select a day, available court and start time, and then complete all required fields.  The booking set-up is somewhat similar to the old system, but with a few differences to pay attention to.
- If you wish to do some solo practice, first select your "Booking Type", (?Sport? + Singles), then select "Ball Machine Or Drills" from the dropdown list as your second player.
- If you do not know the names of all players at the time of booking you may use the "To Be Determined" placeholder until you confirm all players; this can only be used in the 2nd player slot.

-  you are still required to edit your booking and name all players prior to your match for analytics capture and court fee collection purposes.
4.  Members only - you may view and/or sign up for events by selecting the "Register for Calendar Sign Ups Programs" link under the "Club Sign Up Program & Events" tile.  (This is where you'll find the currently offered Round Robin Pickleball recreational event).




Please contact us at if you have any problems or questions with the new system.  We will continue to tweak the system as we take advantage of additional features that are available to us.

Updates will be posted as these features are implemented.

As with anything new, we expect we will experience some bugs and issues that we will need to work out, so we thank you in advance for your continuing patience and understanding.

We hope you enjoy using the new booking system!





The Hourly Membership court fee for both adults and juniors is $8 per session. Hourly members pay a $100/yr membership fee.




The fee for each guest is $12/session.  We no longer calculate the guest fee based on court duration and number of players.  Guests are unable to book courts themselves and must be invited to play in a member's booked court.  There must be at least one member playing in the session that a guest is part of. The member must ensure the guest has a signed waiver on file or will sign one before start of play.

From the Jegysoft Home page, click on “Book Courts” under the “Court Booking” tile.  That brings up the calendar page.  Clicking on the word “Book” in the time you want, will bring up the “Book a Court” page.  Select the booking type like “Tennis Singles” and then type “Guest Player” in the “Player 2”, “Player 3”, or “Player 4” fields.  You can also change the booking duration to between 30 minutes and two hours.  After you click the “Book the Court” button, the system displays the “My Booked Courts” page.   


You will now be given 15 minutes to pay for your guest or the court is cancelled.  Click on the “Pay Court Fee” button.  To pay for a guest, click on the “Pay by Credit Card” button or the “Pay Using My Club Credit” if you have Club Credits.  The “Pay by Credit Card” button takes you to a secure page operated by Bambora where you can enter your credit card information.  Once payment is processed, you will get a receipt.  You can then click on the home button to return to the Home page.

You can view your booked courts by going to the Home page and then clicking “View/Cancel My Booked Courts” under the “Court Booking” tile.  This is also where you can cancel your booking and get a club credit for the guest(s) that you have paid for.

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